Lancaster, CA: A Net-Zero City Prospect

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solar panels reflecting a blue sky

What if an entire city could produce as much energy as it uses and become completely self-sustainable? Meet Lancaster, CA - a city with the foundation laid already to achieve such a feat. It’s only been four years removed since Lancaster officials passed an ordinance to have solar panels installed on new homes. Today, it wants to go one step further and reach net-zero status beginning in 2018, and you can help with the aid of self storage.

What is Net-Zero?

Net-zero goes by many names: zero-net energy and net-zero energy to name a couple. Simply put, to go net-zero means to produce the same amount of energy as you consume on an annual basis. In 2013, the newly adopted ordinance required solar panels to be installed on new single-family homes throughout Lancaster, CA. Now, in 2017, city officials want to increase the total energy produced with a new ordinance.

Going Net-Zero in Lancaster

Lancaster’s ordinance will require every new home to have solar panels that generate two watts of energy per square foot. Though homeowners will have to pay mitigation fees totaling at least $1.40 for every square foot, they will receive a 50 percent discount on their power bill for energy generation.

The new ordinance not only reduces the energy costs for residents in Lancaster; it also positively affects the environment. Abusive energy consumption causes environmental decline, as power plants have to burn more fossil fuels to meet the demands of the growing populous. By generating energy with solar, Lancaster residents take the strain off the power plants and decrease the amount of harmful emissions.

Think Eco-Friendly with A-American Self Storage

You don’t have to purchase solar panels for your home to become more environmentally friendly. Check out these tips from our team here at A-American Self Storage to reduce your impact on the environment:

  • Protect your fragile items with recycled materials, not bubble wrap or other nondegradable plastics.
  • Break down and stow away your packing boxes instead of throwing them out when you’re done with them.
  • Always choose insulated storage units with temperature controls to monitor the energy usage and enclose your belongings.

Lancaster is on the move to becoming the first net-zero city in the country. Do your part, and join the eco-friendly bandwagon with the help from A-American. Our storage units give you a place to store at a steady temperature and reduce the waste and clutter in your home.