Student Summer Storage in Fresno, CA

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students moving out of their dorm for summer break

It may have taken a while, but the moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here: summer break. With school life winding down for a few months, some students in Fresno, CA are moving out of the dorms and back home until the fall. Others plan to move into an apartment and kick-start the summer with their own place. Whether you’re headed home or moving into a new pad, A-American Self Storage has tips for keeping your valuables without them getting in the way.

How to Best Use a Storage Unit

With the school stresses behind you, it’s time to shift your focus to moving out of the dorm. Moving comes with stresses of its own, but A-American makes it easy on you with self-storage units for keeping your electronics, clothing and other items safe for the short term. Before you start, it’s best to itemize your belongings and to decide what you should take and what should go.

Make a checklist.

Most university dorms require you to empty your room at the end of the semester even if you’ve requested the same room for the next year. Since the dorm doesn’t want to be responsible for your belongings, you’ll have to take them with you. Creating a checklist will help you understand which storage unit size would best fit your needs.

Items such as mini fridges, couches and desks are too cumbersome to carry home and then back to school again. Even if you’re moving into an apartment, it might not be ready in time for the semester’s end. Therefore, a storage unit will give you a place to keep everything until it’s time to move in.

Make the best use of space.

When you’re packing your things in a self-storage unit, the bigger items should go in first. Smaller items, such as books and dishware, should be packed in boxes and grouped together. Placing furniture, tables and other large items vertically in the unit will free up even more space for other items such as appliances.

A-American Makes Self Storage Easy

No matter which university you attend in Fresno, CA, A-American has ample storage space for your belongings once the semester ends. When it’s time to go back home for the summer or to move into your own place, we’ll be there with large and small storage units for your short- and long-term needs.