Support Local Artisans at L.A’s Version of Chelsea Market

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woman making jewelry at craft fair

Chelsea Market in New York may get all the press, but the West Coast has its own shopping gems: Venice and the L.A. Arts District. You can check out the local goodies one minute and then soak up the sun on the beach all in the same day. Whether it’s hand-crafted jewelry, clothing or art, these two shopping gems have plenty to offer, including food vendors for a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon lunch and nearby storage units for your new treasures. If you’re up for a day of fun and shopping in Los Angeles, CA, it doesn’t get much better than the Arts District and the shops along Venice Beach.

What to Look for in the Arts District

Those who love paintings and photography will find numerous artisans with works of art on offer. Prints, photo jewelry, illustrated lockets – if you can think of it, you’re sure to find it here. If you’re after vintage jewelry and clothing, there’s a vendor that has exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll see rare styles from the ‘50s and popular designer wear from the ‘90s; you’ll even find Japanese- and gypsy-inspired clothing and accessories.

The shops in the Arts District and Venice have more than clothes, jewelry, and art. They also have home decor and other accessories for sale. Among the various items such as candles, sculptures and wall hangings, you’ll discover hard-to-find records, CDs, and audio equipment. When the long stroll has you feeling famished, let your nose be your guide to the food vendors offering everything from vegan dishes to organic smoothies.

Become a Local Vendor

You don’t have to commit to just shopping in the Arts District. Turn your love of crafts, food-making, or photography into a business. You can make room for an all-new craft space in your home and start making items for sale in the downtown area or by the ocean. If you lack the space, a personal storage unit helps to reduce the clutter in your home, giving you as much room as you need. A unit also comes in handy for storing your goods before presenting them at your booth.

A-American Self Storage Supports the Arts

The next time you’re in downtown Los Angeles, CA, make it a point to stop by the Arts District and to support your local artisans. If you’re the creative type, get out there, and show what you’ve got. Use self storage to your advantage if you need to make room for your work. We can help you pick out the right storage unit for your home goods, handmade jewelry, and other works of art.