Celebrate the Hawaiian May Day: Lei Day

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woman holding up lei made of white flowers on sunny day

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii, a holiday for celebrating the island custom of crafting and wearing leis. Every May 1st, people across the Hawaiian Islands enjoy festivities with music, hula dancing, and lei-making exhibits and contests. So, grab your supplies out of your storage unit, and join thousands of people to take part in this special, cultural celebration.

Lei Day Origins

In 1928, writer Don Blanding moved to Hawaii and suggested that a holiday should be created to celebrate the welcoming sentiment of leis and the artisanship of lei making. Another writer by the name of Grace Tower Warren agreed and furthered the idea, combining May Day with Lei Day. On May 1, 1928, residents and visitors in Honolulu wore leis and enjoyed music and celebrations. This holiday has occurred every year since, except during the Second World War.

Celebrate Lei Day in Honolulu, HI

If you live in Hawaii, you’re most likely aware of this annual event. However, if you’re planning a trip to the islands in the future, Lei Day is a great time to visit. Every island has its own lei and a unique way in which it’s created. The festivities begin on May 1st between 10 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and start with the Royal Hawaiian Band. You can listen to music and stories, learn how to make leis, and watch cultural dances and demonstrations.

Learn to Make a Lei

You only need a few materials such as flowers or crepe paper, a needle and some thread. For floral leis, cut the blossoms off the stems, and run a threaded needle through the center of the first blossom. Add another blossom to the strand in the same fashion, making sure you have all the blossoms facing the same direction. Afterward, remove the needle from the thread, and tie the ends of the thread together to finish the lei. For crepe leis, cut the paper into 2-inch pieces. Fold the paper like an accordion, and pass the needle through the center. Continue adding more crepe paper to the string. Finally, remove the needle, and tie the thread to complete the lei.

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