Have a Heart: Donate Blood This Month to the Red Cross in Hemet

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Two women holding a sign that reads: be a hero give blood.

Every January, people from all walks of life will attempt to live up to their New Year’s resolutions. Some people will try to eat healthier while others will focus more on decluttering their homes with local storage units or advancing their careers. Step outside the norm, and make it your resolution to donate blood. January is National Blood Donor Month, so what better time than now to roll up your sleeves and head to the local donation center in Hemet, CA.

Why You Should Donate Blood

People donate blood for many different reasons. Maybe they’ve been asked to give blood, or perhaps they believe that it’s the right thing to do. No matter the reason, donating blood helps to save lives. In many cases, a blood transfusion is necessary for people who are undergoing complex surgical procedures or for those who have lost a lot of blood during an injury. Blood can only be stored for a short period before use; therefore, it’s important to have a constant blood supply available for those in need.

Blood can be broken down into several components such as red cells and plasma, making it even more useful for treating patients with varying conditions. In that way, you’re saving more than one life by donating your blood. When you donate to your local Red Cross, the facility keeps your blood in refrigerated storage units until it’s needed.

What to Expect When Donating Blood

Before you give blood, you should have a light meal and enough fluid to keep you hydrated. You’ll need to bring your donor card, including your license and other forms of identification. You should also inform the staff about any medications that you are taking.

Once you sign up to donate blood, you’ll undergo a small physical and have your temperature, blood pressure, pulse and hemoglobin levels checked. Next up is the actual donation, which takes approximately 10 minutes. If you’re donating plasma, it could take much longer. Afterward, you’ll sit and rest in the refreshments area and have a small snack with juice; you can leave shortly after in about 10 or 15 minutes.

Happy Donating From A-American Self Storage

Make January a time for donating to your local Red Cross in Hemet, CA. It will help the lives of many in need. In addition, if you have a resolution to declutter your home or if you need to make space for a new hobby, keep A-American in mind. We have storage units to keep your belongings secure and available when you need them.