Take Tie-me Out to Celebrate National Tie Month in Los Angeles

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Long ties, short ties, skinny ties, bow ties – the world can’t seem to get enough of the necktie. You see a lot of modern and retro fashion in Los Angeles, CA, and you won’t go a day without seeing someone wearing a tie. Whether it’s the business-minded executive or the eccentric passerby, the tie has found a home with all types of people. December is National Tie Month, which gives you 31 days to embrace your ties and to celebrate everything about these wonderful clothing accessories.

Where Did the Tie Come From Anyway?

Some people claim that the necktie first appeared in the Thirty Years’ War. During the 1600s, the Croatian soldiers wore knotted neckerchiefs as they fought with the French. However, the Chinese and the Romans may have started the trend first. In 221 B.C., the Chinese emperor, Shih Huang-ti, was buried with his terracotta army; each solider appears to have a tie. Later, in 113 A.D., the Roman orators were known to wear neckerchiefs to warm their vocal cords before speaking.

No matter who invented the tie, it has survived for centuries and continues to be the go-to accessory. Although National Tie Month is about celebrating your ties, it’s also about donating some to charity. After all, you should spread the love around and help others to feel what it’s like to don the magnificent necktie from day to day.

Fun Things to Do During National Tie Month

You can never have too many neckties. If you’ve donated some to charity, there’s no better time than now to buy some more and to add them to your collection. Though you could go to just any department store and buy a tie, it’s even better to visit a place that specializes in this great accessory. The Tie Factory in Los Angeles, CA sells nothing but ties and suspenders. You can find the store location at 821 Santee Street in the downtown area.

If you’re the kind of person who only uses one tie knot, it’s the perfect time to learn something new. You have more than enough tie knots to choose from, such as the four-in-hand, the full Windsor and the cafe. A-American Self Storage wants to invite you to try a variety of new tie knots this month and to get out of your comfort zone. We’ve found the ideal tie site to help you learn both classic and adventurous knots that will impress your friends.

Store Your Ties With A-American Self Storage

If you can’t seem to part with any tie in your collection, store them in one of our secure, climate-controlled storage units. Although ties don’t usually take up much space, they can start to clutter your drawers and closets as you add new ties to your collection. Our 5-by-5-foot storage units are as small as closets, giving you extra space for your ties. You can set up your storage unit as a closet away from home and keep your ties neat, tidy and ready to wear when you need them.