Lancaster Is Leading the Way on the Path to Renewable Energy

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Solar panels adorn the roof of a house in California's desert.

Lancaster, CA has an ambitious goal. The city’s leaders want to make it the first net-zero municipality in the United States. To earn the lofty title, it will have to produce more clean energy than it consumes. At A-American Self Storage, we’re all about conservation, especially when it comes to self storage. And although it still has some hurdles to clear, the city of Lancaster has already made impressive progress on their journey to net-zero energy.

The Big Green Goal: Lancaster’s Unique Approach to Energy Use

In March of 2013, Lancaster became the first U.S. city to require the installation of solar panels on all newly constructed homes. Many elements of the city’s infrastructure are already solar-powered including Lancaster City Hall, local schools and even the minor league baseball stadium. In an effort to make the city of 160,000 carbon-neutral by the year 2020, Lancaster officials and activists encourage residents to participate in big and small ways to conserve energy and convert to renewable sources that they have made more readily available. For example, Lancaster Choice Energy offers several options for consumers to use more renewable energy at lower rates.

Other Ways That Lancaster Locals Can Help

Lancaster residents and business owners can help the city work towards its goal by reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions they create and adopting green energy practices. If you want to participate, here are a few tips for reducing your overall carbon footprint.

  • Limit transportation-related emissions by walking, biking, using public transport or buying low-energy vehicles.
  • Use low-carbon fuels such as sustainable bio-fuels.
  • Install and use solar or wind energy systems, or select a green energy provider.
  • Avoid air travel if possible.
  • Use more natural light and less heating and air conditioning. Increase your indoor visibility by careful placement of reflective surfaces. Install energy-saving HVAC systems, appliances and windows.
  • Conserve water whenever possible.
  • Recycle and re-use product containers; buy recyclable goods.
  • Get involved in local efforts to increase education about environmental issues.

A-American Self Storage Helps You Go Green

Do you need a place to keep your vehicle while you try out a road bike? Perhaps you could use some extra space for storing furniture while you renovate your home to optimize natural light or install solar panels. If inadequate storage space becomes a problem while you’re trying to create a greener life, we’re here to help. A-American has clean, secure storage units at prices that won’t strain your budget. Contact us today to learn more about our Lancaster, CA area facilities.