Get Inspired By Local Art Treasures in Downtown Honolulu

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A collection of colorful island totem poles.

With its abundant natural beauty and its rich history and culture, Honolulu is far more than a Pacific melting pot and a main gateway to Hawaii. It’s an art lover’s paradise and a source of endless inspiration, and the city proudly celebrates and preserves its art treasures. A-American Self Storage, your local self storage experts, would like to salute this city for its efforts to promote this source of culture both old and new.

The Hawaii State Art Museum

If you’re looking for a perfect place to view amazing Hawaiian art, head to Downtown Honolulu to visit the Hawaii State Art Museum. The Honolulu government created the museum in 2002. It’s located on the second floor of the One Capitol District Building and contains traditional Hawaiian art as well as modern art pieces from local artists.

You’ll find an exciting blend of permanent and temporary exhibitions in the museum’s three galleries; the works reflect cultural traditions and cover a wide variety of styles and media. Admission is free at all times. Here are a few things that you can expect to encounter in your Hawaiian art adventure.

History, Culture and Hawaiian Art

  • Before the arrival of the first Europeans, Hawaiian art was similar to that of other Pacific Islanders. Native Hawaiian artists produced wood carvings, petroglyphs and feather work. At the time, native craftsmen didn’t have metal or woven cloth.
  • After Captain James Cook arrived in 1778, Hawaiian art expanded to include art created by visiting westerners and art produced by native Hawaiians who incorporated new western ideas and materials.
  • Early Hawaiian sculptures, which are among oldest treasures, were closely linked to ancient religious practices and the process of creating an identity and culture separate from Polynesia. Only 150 examples of the humanoid sculptures have survived; they are located in museums around the world.
  • Hawaiian bark cloth or kapa is a type of fabric crafted by Native Hawaiians. It was made from the fibers of local trees and shrubs and often depicted bold geometric themes. Kapa was originally utilized as clothing in ancient Hawaiian society; women wore it in a wraparound fashion while men used it as a loincloth.
  • Other classic Hawaiian artworks include pieces by famous painters and artists such as Georgia O’Keefe, Cornelia Macintyre Foley, Satoru Abe and David Howard Hitchcock.

Let the Beauty of Honolulu Awaken Your Inner Artist

If you’re a Honolulu resident with an artistic vision, don’t let space or storage problems stand in your way. Whether you want to share your interpretation of the island’s vivid colors in acrylic or craft tiki statues and leis, A-American Self Storage can provide clean, secure storage units to keep your art supplies and finished pieces safe and easily accessible. Contact us today to check rates and availability.