Celebrate Classical Music Month in St. Louis This September

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Close up of a cello being played in a symphony orchestra

Put away those St. Louis blues records – it’s Classical Music Month, a time for celebrating famous composers and their tunes that helped pave the way for today’s modern music. Classical music varied from the Baroque to the Romantic periods and spawned such composers as Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. A-American Self Storage is here with tips for celebrating this annual event and ways to get into playing your own classical instruments.

Introducing the St. Louis Symphony

Celebrate Classical Music Month every day in September by turning your radio dial to 107.3 FM or 96.3 HD2 for orchestral, symphonic and other classical music genres. You can also experience the music live at a free concert in Forest Park on Wednesday, September 14. This spectacular event features the St. Louis Symphony playing classical tunes from Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Handel and more. The entire show will end with a gigantic fireworks display at the base of Art Hill.

The St. Louis Symphony has had roots in the city since 1880, making it the second-oldest symphony orchestra in the country; the New York Philharmonic formed in 1842. Although the orchestra performs at various events at Powell Hall, it also travels across the country and entertains audiences at various symphony halls along the way. If you’d like to see the backstage and learn more about the symphony and its home, get together with a group of 10 friends, and reserve a free one-hour tour. Call 314-286-4104 to speak with a representative at Powell Hall.

Feeling the Classical Music Itch?

No matter your age, it’s never too late to pick up and learn an instrument. The more you listen to classical music, the more you’ll want to start playing the violin, the trombone or the cello. If you’ve mastered the maestro’s hand movements with your invisible air baton and want a real challenge, visit an instrument shop in St. Louis like GoMusicStL on Delmar Boulevard. They not only sell classical instruments, but also provide music lessons.

If you’re lacking space at home for your newly acquired instruments, store them in one of our convenient St. Louis, MO self storage units. With our temperature-controlled units, your instruments will remain in pristine shape and safe from the city’s hot summers and frigid winters. We can help you pick out a space that suits your needs and provides a temporary home for your classical music instruments.