Celebrate Reno Earth Day in Idlewild Park

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Celebrate Reno Earth Day

On April 24, 2016, the environmentally aware residents of Reno, NV will be celebrating Reno Earth Day in beautiful Idlewild Park. From getting your alternative vehicle into top shape for the Electric Car Show to digging out your long forgotten hiking gear from self storage, there are tons of ways to celebrate this important holiday and show your appreciation for Mother Earth. Explore the following must-see Earth Day themed areas to plan your day in the biggest little city.

Reno Earth Day at Idlewild Highlights

  • When it comes to sustainability, transportation is an important issue. The Future of Transportation event is dedicated to all forms of cleaner transportation including fuel-efficient, electric and hybrid vehicles and alternative energy cars. Enter your own car in the Electric Car Show, or check out new and innovative concepts for the future of private transportation and mass transit.
  • At Animalia Kingdom, you’ll find live animals, a petting zoo, pet fashions and great workshops. Visit to learn more about animal welfare, wildlife protection and many other issues facing our furry, scaly and feathered friends.
  • If art captures your heart, visit the Artists’ Grove to see the works of talented local artists. There you can also enjoy art contests and fun activities.
  • The Great Outdoors celebrates the natural beauty of the Reno-Tahoe area and all of the healthy fun it has to offer. Enjoy activities like rock climbing, hiking, river rafting, aerialist exhibitions and educational presentations.
  • Earth Innovations is a student science fair that promotes active involvement in science and engineering and adds a strong educational component to the Earth Day celebration. Come out and vote for your favorite project.
  • Devoted to all things green and growing, The Garden includes exhibits focused on farming, forestry, gardening and more. You won’t leave empty-handed after visiting local vendors at the Earth Day Farmer’s Market. A visit to The Garden is an educational and sensory experience that you don’t want to miss.

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