Get Crafty for Odd Nights at the Autry

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Get Craft at the Autry

Odd Nights at the Autry is next held on March 18, 2016, and it’s a haven to Los Angeles artisans, crafters and anyone who creates valuable handmade items. The exciting night market event occurs on the third Friday of each month. It features an amazing array of entertainment and shopping including live music, beer gardens, gourmet food trucks and more than 200 vendors selling handcrafted jewelry, clothing, household goods, art and more. With a little skill, some creativity and a self storage unit to hold your wares until the big night arrives, you could be part of the fun. If you’re not sure what to make, here are a few popular craft items to inspire you.

Three Awesome Crafts You Could Be Selling at the Autry

  • Create beautiful plaster wall art from a blank canvas. Mix joint compound or plaster of Paris, and apply a thick layer to your clean, dry canvas. Texturize by making freeform swirls and patterns with your hands, or use brushes, metal utensils and other shaped objects to make indentations and patterns. Mix water-based paint into portions of the plaster to create color, or wait until the canvas dries, and apply metallic spray paint over the entire surface. You can even embed small objects in the plaster before it’s dry. The possibilities are endless.
  • Use old bottle caps to create flowers. To make miniature metal daisies, all you need is a pair of pliers and some metal bottle caps. Use your pliers to bend the bottle caps in half towards their center so that they’re roughly the shape of a scalloped daisy petal. Use a flat bottle cap as your central flower disc, and glue your petals around its edges. You can paint your flowers different colors, glue them to picture frames, or use them to create metal wall art.
  • Make decorated jars from any old glass jars in your home. A variety of grocery jars in various sizes can become a gorgeous collection. First, clean the jars, and remove all paper labels. Assemble a variety of craft supplies; these can include ribbons, buttons, textured paints, glass stains, stencils, shells, scrap fabric and artificial flowers and berries. Decorate your jars as desired, using a glue gun when needed to attach small items to glass surfaces. You can paint the jar lids, or cover them with fabric. Use paint pens or stencils to add text. Rustic and Americana-style jars are especially popular, but you can try holiday, kid-themed, Bohemian and nautical styles too.

Self Storage Units Can Keep Your Crafts Organized

Renting a self storage unit is a great way to organize both your craft supplies and your finished masterpieces. You’ll have access to your belongings whenever you need them, and your home will stay clean and clutter-free. A-American offers clean, spacious self storage units at prices that every Los Angeles crafter can afford. Contact us today, so we can help you expand your crafting career.