Let Leap Day Inspire Your Year

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Honolulu Hawaii Diamond Head

If you had one extra day this year to do something special, what would you do? This is a leap year, which means you get one more day in February to go out and explore Honolulu, HI. Whether it’s surfing or visiting the zoo, you can use the day to relax and have fun in this tropical paradise. The Aloha State offers much to those who live or visit here, such as stunning waterfalls and delicious cuisine. With an extra day on the calendar this year, A-American Self Storage is sharing ways you can get out and explore the Islands of Aloha.

5 Amazing Things to Do in Honolulu

  1. Waikiki

With miles of sandy, white beaches, Waikiki should sit at the top of your destination list. You not only have access to plenty of sun, sand and water but also numerous restaurants and shops. You can enjoy sunbathing one minute and fine dining the next all in Waikiki.

  1. Manoa Falls

Though it takes about 30 minutes to hike along the trail in this green jungle, you’re greeted to Manoa Falls at the end. Here, you can take pictures of the falls, meditate next to the clear pool or view the beautiful plant life all around you.

  1. Honolulu Zoo

Get out and enjoy the sunshine while meeting more than 900 animals at the city’s popular zoo. It’s home to orangutans, African lions and other exotic mammals. You’ll also see countless birds and reptiles, including a Komodo dragon and a Nile crocodile.

  1. Diamond Head

Diamond Head is part of an inactive volcano and has excellent hiking trails. Once you make it to the top, you’ll witness the entire city sprawled out below you, giving you a chance to take a few pictures for reliving the experience later.

  1. Chinatown

Many large cities have Chinatowns, but none really compare to the one in Hawaii’s capital city. It has a familiar rushed feeling and offers just as many fresh fruits, meats and vegetables. You can also sit and eat or enjoy takeout at one of the Thai or Cantonese restaurants on the outskirts.

If you’re not from around here, you don’t have to wait every four years to enjoy Honolulu, HI; you can have fun at these destinations and more any time of year. Consider making the islands your home! With A-American Self Storage, we’ll give you a place to store your belongings while you get settled in. Find a unit in Honolulu now!