3 Ways to Use Self Storage in the Holiday Season

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holiday self storage

If you’re a resident of Reno, Nevada, you’ve probably become accustomed to visiting relatives around the holidays. No matter what you celebrate, you’ll have people in and out of your home throughout the season. Fortunately, A-American Self Storage has the best tips on how to prepare your home for guests with the help of a self storage unit. Not only will a storage unit de-clutter your home, but it will also allow you to better enjoy the time you get with your family.

Outdoor Equipment

Anything that you would not use during a Reno winter should be placed into self storage; this includes any camping equipment you used during summer excursions to Lake Tahoe, fishing gear you utilized at the Truckee River, Virginia Lake or Idlewild Park, and patio furniture for your annual summer barbeques. Of course, make sure that you thoroughly clean – and dry − these items before sending them into Reno self storage for the season.
Guest Bedroom

To ensure your guest bedroom is ready to welcome visitors this holiday season, clear out any boxes or containers that have not been touched in the past month. Items lying idle will find their new home in self storage. Be sure to look through all the boxes so you know exactly what you’re storing, and don’t accidentally take anything that might come in handy like extra sheets, pillows or towels.

Your Gifts

If you have especially curious individuals, either those currently living with you or the ones visiting for the holidays, consider storing their gifts in your unit. Regardless of how much snooping they are apt to do, they’ll come out of their hunt empty-handed. This is especially good advice if you have purchased large items for your loved ones, as even wrapped gifts can take up space until the day they are opened.

Whether you’re hiding top-secret gifts, or making room in your home for extended family, self storage will work to your advantage. Contact your local A-American facility today to find the unit for you.