Celebrate Bosses Day by Organizing the Office

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The Boss

October 16th is Boss’s Day, and whether you’re filled with adoration or complete disdain for your boss, it’s not a good idea to forget or ignore the holiday. If another mug or tie just won’t cut it this year, give your boss something unique. Get together with your co-workers to organize your Palmdale, CA office. At A-American Self Storage, we’re organization experts. Here are our best tips for tackling the tough jobs below.

Essential Tips for Office Organization

Start with a purge. Go through the entire office, and remove anything that shouldn’t be there. After separating all trash and unneeded items, move to the major office organization tasks.

Filing Cabinets

  • Replace worn file folders with new ones.
  • Create interior sub-folders to help organize larger files.
  • Never overstuff folders or overload filing cabinet drawers. Purge all redundant or outdated files to make more room, or buy a new cabinet.
  • Invest in a quality labeling system, and label each folder clearly and accurately.
  • Archive old files by scanning them and creating a disc or memory card for digital copies. Move archived files to a nearby storage unit to ensure you never lose track of any important documents.

Supplies Closets

  • Maximize vertical space to fit more supplies.
  • Place items you need to replenish often within easy reach.
  • Use stackable plastic containers for small items like paper clips and pens.
  • Group similar or related items together.
  • For storing items that are not boxed, use wall-mounted shelves, baskets, hooks and over-the-door organizers as needed.
  • Label any boxes that are not easily identified.

Personal Desks

  • Clear the top of each desk. Wipe desk surfaces clean using an appropriate cleaning product.
  • Replace essential items such as computers, phones, card files and frequently used accessories.
  • Keep personal items such as photos, health and beauty products, and knickknacks to a minimum.
  • Clean and organize all desk drawers. Create separate drawers for personal and work-related items.
  • Use in-drawer or desktop organizer trays for smaller items.
  • Create folders or trays for inbound and outbound mail, memos and other items needing attention.
  • Develop a standard set of rules for maintaining personal desks so that they remain uncluttered and have a uniform appearance.

Self Storage Units Can Help Organize Your Palmdale, CA, Business

Businesses often struggle with storage space, and reorganizing an office can sometimes create new storage challenges. If your clean-up leaves you with boxes of old files, surplus supplies or unused business machines, self storage may be the perfect answer. Secure self storage units keep important documents and office supplies safe and protected until they are needed. Contact our Palmdale, CA storage facilities for more information about unit price and size. Not only will we help you get organized, but your boss will be smiling before you know it!