October Awareness Month Opportunities in Santa Barbara

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For many, October is a month set aside for serious reflection. Across the country, people are helping to spread awareness of serious diseases, social problems and other important issues. In Santa Barbara, CA, there are many opportunities for you to join forces with local organizations and spread the word about causes that are close to your heart. So take your walking shoes out of storage, and sharpen your social skills. It’s time to get active, share knowledge and make a difference.

Santa Barbara Awareness Opportunities

October has been designated an official awareness month for several causes, including the ones listed below.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Help win the fight against breast cancer in October by joining the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides of Santa Barbara walk.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Help end domestic violence against women and children by making a donation or volunteering your time and effort to Domestic Violence Solutions in Santa Barbara County.

Lupus Awareness Month

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes extreme fatigue, anemia, arthritis, skin rashes, organ damage and many other symptoms. You can learn more about how to raise awareness of this devastating disease by contacting your Santa Barbara chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America.

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

If you love animals, show your support for local organizations that help pets find homes. Visit Care4Paws.org to learn more about spreading awareness of pet overpopulation and keeping Santa Barbara animals out of shelters.

Tips for Spreading the Word by Yourself

Santa Barbara, CA, has many awareness functions scheduled, but you can also organize your own campaign. Here are a few tips from A-American Self Storage to help you make the most of your October awareness efforts.

  • Create colorful paper flyers to place on public bulletin boards or hand out in person.
  • Sponsor a bake sale, craft fair or car wash to raise funds.
  • Place clearly labeled donation cans at the front desks or checkout stands of relevant businesses.
  • Start a blog, or post to social networks.
  • Create a YouTube video.
  • Create and sell your own bumper stickers or shirts.
  • Sponsor a raffle or auction.
  • Organize a contest or giveaway.
  • Hand out free pens or balloons that display your message.

How Self Storage Units Can Help Your Cause

If you’re planning a large-scale awareness campaign this October, you’ll need plenty of materials and a secure place to keep them. Self storage units help you keep everything organized and in perfect shape. They also provide work space and enable you to give others in your group access to your supplies, which can save time and increase productivity. Check with A-American Self Storage for unit availability and prices in Santa Barbara, CA at one of our two Santa Barbara storage facilities. Call today!