How to Prep Your Piano for Storage

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September is National Piano Month, and with all its piano bars and casinos, Reno, NV is home to many fine pianos and pianists. Whether you’re a professional musician, a music teacher or just an enthusiastic amateur, you may find yourself placing your prized instrument into storage at some point. When you do, you’ll need to know how to protect it from scratches, impact damage and the infamous Reno, NV heat. A-American Self Storage has a few tips to help you prep your piano for storage the right way.

Essential Piano Storage Tips

  • First, clean and dry your piano. Polish every key, and make sure no trace of moisture or dust is left before you close the instrument.
  • Wrap the piano in cotton or another soft fabric to protect it from minor surface scratches. Never use plastic wrap as this can cause damage.
  • Cover the fabric wrap with heavy blankets to protect the piano from impact during the move. Secure the blankets with rope or string.
  • Don’t forget to empty, polish and securely close the piano bench. Wrap it separately from the instrument.
  • Place sheet music, accessories and other piano-related items into a storage box, and keep them with the piano so that you can find them when you retrieve your instrument.
  • When moving the piano, use appropriate piano dollies or heavy furniture dollies. At least two people should be present to load and move the instrument safely.
  • If you’re storing a baby grand or a grand piano, its legs should be removed before transfer and replaced in storage so the instrument can be stored upright. Upright pianos should be stored vertically against a wall.
  • Once inside the storage unit, don’t place anything on top of the piano. Heavy items can cause damage. If someone else has access to the unit, be sure to place a sign on the piano instructing users to avoid placing objects on its top.

The Importance of Climate Control

Choosing a climate-controlled self storage unit is essential for protecting your piano from insects, moisture and temperature extremes that could seriously damage its finish and working parts. Within climate-controlled self storage, a steady temperature is maintained regardless of how hot or cold it is outside. When you move the piano into the unit, try to avoid subjecting the instrument to sudden temperature shifts; these can cause harm. If it’s hot outside, try to wait until the sun goes down to make the move. Although the act of moving your piano will probably cause it to be at least somewhat out of tune, it will otherwise come back to you in pristine condition when you’re ready to tickle the ivories again. Find an A-American Self Storage unit near you now!