Safety Tips to Prep for a Potential El Nino

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rain water thunderstorm

From Los Angeles, CA and beyond, Californians are struggling with state-wide drought. As they beg the skies for rain, concerned weather forecasters are warning of a potentially record-breaking El Nino that may bring much-needed rainfall — but may also present new problems such as mudslides and flooding. A-American Self Storage is sharing few tips to help you prepare for the potential weather disasters that loom over a state already weary of weather woes.

Move Important Belongings to Higher Ground

If you use your basement for storage, move your belongings to higher ground to prevent water damage during a flood. You can gain some protection by placing items in waterproof bins and storing them on high shelves. Ideally, move items out of the basement, and place them above ground level. Do the same with items in your self storage units, because with even thick walls and metal doors aren’t immune to the force of metric tons of moving water.

Check Your Roof

A leaky or fragile, damaged roof is a recipe for disaster in heavy rain and wind. Schedule a professional inspection of your roof, and make any necessary repairs.

Check Interior and Exterior Weatherproofing

Make a visual inspection of weather-stripping around doors and windows and replace if needed. Be sure your windows are secure.

Clean Your Gutters

Remove all debris from rain gutters to ensure that water flow is consistently directed into storm drains. If you don’t have a gutter system, it’s a perfect time to install one.

Check Your Stucco

Large cracks in exterior stucco can lead to serious structural problems in severe weather. Mend any damaged areas before bad weather hits.

Take Pictures

Take photographs of your home and its contents including electronics, art, furniture and valuables. You may need photographic evidence for an insurance claim later.

Store Supplies in Secure Self Storage Units

Keeping food and other supplies in self storage units away from your home ensures you have a backup if your house becomes flooded. Stock up on canned and dried food, bottled water and other staples, and consider purchasing a surplus, so you can help your neighbors and relatives. You may also wish to store extra copies of important paper documents and irreplaceable items while the weather poses a significant threat. Keeping everything in a self storage unit will prevent damage while in your home – but you need to go to the same lengths of water-proofing those items, too. Call A-American today to find a unit that fits your needs – and rest easy knowing all the irreplaceable items are safe!