Celebrate Grandparents Day on September 13th

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grandpa with child

September 13th is National Grandparents Day, and the millions of greeting cards sold and sent prove what every parent and grandchild already knows: Grandparents are awesome. You can celebrate the special day by taking your beloved grandparents to dinner, buying them gifts or just spending time with them. Another way to celebrate is to make their lives easier by helping them accomplish important tasks that become more difficult as their bodies age. From organizing household storage to planting a garden, the possibilities are endless. Check out A-American Self Storage’s list of ways to spend the day with your favorite person!

Paint Their House

With advancing age, yard work and home projects become more daunting. A surprise home upgrade like a fresh coat of exterior paint or a landscape overhaul is a great gift. If your grandparents don’t need any practical upgrades, surprise them by installing a relaxing water feature in their garden, or send them to a day spa while you clean their home and garden from top to bottom.

A Garden for Green Grandparents

Many grandparents would love to grow their own foods but lack the energy or physical ability to do so. For a fun gift that helps the environment, create a gift basket full of seeds and organic gardening supplies, and include a written offer to both plant and harvest the crops under their supervision. For immediate gratification, include a few fresh organic treats in the basket as part of the theme.

Become Tech Support

Many grandparents have difficulty keeping up with technology, so they never use the advanced capabilities of their cell phones or computers. Many apps and features could be very convenient and entertaining for them, but they may lack the patience or technical skills to organize digital files or transfer their favorite music and pictures to a new media device. As a unique and thoughtful Grandparents Day gift, volunteer to spend a day organizing and transferring files.

Help Organize and Store Extra Items in Self-Storage

When approaching retirement, retirement storage can be a great way for your grandparents to simplify their lives while they live out their dreams. For example, they may decide to store extra appliances or personal items while they rent out their home and enjoy a well-deserved month or two on the coast. If you volunteer to help them organize and transport their belongings to a climate-controlled self-storage unit, they won’t be as exhausted when they arrive at their private paradise. In fact, a storage rental itself could be a great gift. Check with A-American’s local self-storage facilities for availability and pricing details.