Twenty-Two Ways You Can Conserve Water During the California Drought

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If you live in Fresno, CA or another city in the Central Valley, you’re probably feeling a little dry. California’s state-wide drought has hit hard throughout the region, and everyone is feeling the heat. A-American Self Storage is sharing a few ways you can help conserve the small amount of water that does still exist.

Big and Small Ways to Conserve Water

  1. Put your garden hose in storage for the summer. Your plush lawn may be a lost cause this year, but you need to help reserve water for plants you can eat.
  2. Replace water-hungry plants in your yard with indigenous ones that can tolerate the dry climate. Research xeriscaping for more details.
  3. Limit your time in the shower to five minutes. If everyone did this, it would save thousands of gallons of water.
  4. Turn the bathroom faucet off while brushing your teeth or shaving.
  5. Install a water-saver shower head.
  6. Only use your toilet for its intended purpose. Don’t flush it if unnecessary.
  7. Re-use towels whenever possible so that you’re washing fewer loads of laundry.
  8. Keep pet water bowls indoors or in shady areas.
  9. Instead of discarding unused water from pet bowls or cooking pots, use it to water plants.
  10. Sweep your patio or deck instead of washing it down with a hose.
  11. Repair leaky pipes, drains and faucets.
  12. Try reusable plastic ice cubes, or simply cool your beverages in your refrigerator instead of using ice.
  13. Instead of discarding liquid from canned foods, use it for cooking or freeze it for later use.
  14. Don’t run water continuously while rinsing dishes by hand.
  15. If available, use water-conserving cycles on your dishwasher or clothes washer.
  16. Support local projects that use reclaimed water for irrigation.
  17. Use a pool cover to prevent water loss through evaporation.
  18. Don’t wash your car. Wipe with a damp cloth, or use window cleaner if necessary.
  19. Place several inches of organic mulch around flowerbeds to prevent moisture loss.
  20. Leave grass clippings on your lawn to hold in moisture.
  21. Monitor your water bill to detect unusual changes.
  22. Force highly moisture-dependent plants into dormancy by keeping them in a dark, cool place. Once the drought is over, you’ll be able to revive them.
    Check with your local nursery for information pertaining to specific plants and detailed instructions for making them go dormant.

Your Self Storage Unit Can Help You Save Water

If you need a place to store a large number of dormant plants or stockpile fluid-rich canned foods, a climate-controlled self storage unit is ideal. It’s also a great place to keep your unused lawn tools and extra mulch bags to keep them from drying up. Contact A-American today to find a unit in the Fresno area!