Make the Seasonal Clothing Storage Switch

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Summer clothes an accessories on white background

The days are getting shorter, the nights are slowly getting cooler, and we can almost imagine the crispness of fall in the St. Louis, Missouri air. Pretty soon we’ll be trading our shorts for long pants and our tank tops for jackets throughout the Midwest. In April, we shared an article with tips on seasonal storage for your winter clothes, and now it’s time to make that switch again. Check out A-American’s plan for an organized, efficient switch.

Load Up the Car

Head to your temporary storage unit with an empty car, and pack all of your winter totes and boxes into the car. Grab both the items and the hangers on the rolling rack. Then go straight to your washer and dryer, and give them a good wash in hot water (if you can). Use extra dryer sheets in the dryer to help get the storage smell out of every article. Set aside the items you’ll need to take to the dry cleaners – but hang tight. We’ll be adding summer clothes to that, too.

Summer Wash

While you’re washing and drying your winter clothes, get your summer clothes ready, as well. Even if they are already clean, it’s a good idea to wash them so you can remove any possible oils that were left over from the last wash. Like we said before, those oils, when sitting on clothes for a long period of time, can damage them – even if they are only in temporary storage. Plus, you’ll be one step ahead of the odor when you pack them in your airtight containers. Now time to make that trip to the dry cleaners and drop off your winter and summer clothes!

Packing It Away

Put away the freshly washed winter clothes in your newly enlarged closet and suddenly spacious drawers, and give the containers you used a good scrub with some light dish soap. Make sure you get all of the soap out, though, as you don’t want that setting into your things. Carefully fold your summer clothes and wrap delicate fabrics in cotton sheets. Don’t forget to sprinkle some odor eliminating powder onto your flip flops, sandals and other summer shoes. Grab a couple cotton sheets before you leave.

Head Back Out

When it’s time to pick up your clothes from the dry cleaners, take all of your packed items with you so you can make both trips while you’re out. Remember to let your dry clean clothes air out a little to help remove that chemical smell that can set in over time. Those cotton sheets you grabbed before you left will be used to wrap around your clothes that are hanging on the rolling rack. Place all of your summer clothes in the storage unit and add some cedar chips to help with the storage smell.

Now that you’ve made the seasonal storage switch, it’s time to sit back and congratulate yourself on a job well done. Mark on your calendar to head back to the unit in a few months and refresh those cedar chips. Then go soak up the sun and warm air before the leaves change and the chill sets in!