5 Fun Things to do in El Cajon, CA

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Two girls eating ice cream in city setting

El Cajon, CA is a growing town right outside of San Diego, and a place one of our A-American Self Storage facility’s calls home. Folks also choose to vacation here, as the temperature stays relatively warm throughout the year and El Cajon is in close proximity to some of California’s finest cities.

If you’re lucky enough to spend a few days or even weeks in our “Big Box” valley, there are a few places you won’t want to miss while you’re here. From historical museums to modern family fun, El Cajon has something to offer everyone!

#1 Museums

Home to several museums, El Cajon is the place to go for a look into the past. The Knox Museum is literally a moment in time saved, as it is the first ever hotel in the area – preserved and under display so you can see just how people lived during the early 1900s. Next, make a stop at the Air Group One commemorative Air Force museum for a look at some of the greatest aviation technology throughout history. Word is, the employees there love to talk about the planes – some will share a unique story or two!

#2 Shopping

The Parkway Plaza Mall is the gem of El Cajon, where you can shop to your heart’s content at a wide array of stores. You can even catch a movie to take a load off at the attached theater. But take warning – apparently some believe it was built in a hodge-podge manner, so finding the stores may be a bit of an adventure itself!

#3 Farmer’s Market

The Downtown El Cajon Farmers Market is a big hit in the area, with live music and community booths alongside fresh, delicious produce. Every Thursday, from 3-7 pm, locals gather to dance, buy and share with the community.

#4 Parks

There are several beautiful parks in and around El Cajon, CA. Hillside Recreation Center & Park, where trails, park settings and more are just waiting for you to stroll through. Then there’s Kennedy Park, which features an 11,000 square-foot skate park for in-line skaters, scooters and BMX bikers. It also hosts the annual July 4th celebration. Or stop by Renette Park to catch a Movie in the Park throughout the summer season. Many of these facilities feature great kid’s summer camps and after-school activities. For a full list of parks, check this out.

#5 Science Center

The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center is jam-packed with activities for the kids and parents, including exhibitions like Science Under the Big Top, that breaks down the science behind circus performances. You can even walk on a high wire and fire off projectiles to understand the human cannonball! If you’re looking for something a little more laid back, check out the IMAX for new shows each month.

This small city is not small on fun, and the folks here are happy to welcome those new to the area, or even those just passing through. A-American Self Storage is proud to call El Cajon, CA home – and equally as happy to help you with your storage needs!