Dorm Room DIY Storage

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It’s time to head back to class, and for many in St. Louis, MO, that means getting their stuff out of storage and once again squeezing all of it into a tiny dorm room. But part of being in college is learning (a small part of it), so A-American is here to give you your first lesson in dorm room storage. Who else would know more about fitting as much as you can into a designated space – besides those that do it for a living? Check out our tips to DIY storage in your dorm room.

Wall Storage

You probably won’t have a lot of floor space, so it’s a good idea to start thinking “up.” Shelving is an easy solution, and you can get creative in where you put it and how you use it. Consider getting small plastic drawers that can be stacked on shelves for all of your odds and ends, like clothing. Throw a few adhesive hooks on the walls and hang a shoe pouch – but remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to contain shoes. It can hold any of your smaller items like toiletries, school supplies and even a decoration or two. If you buy a floor lamp, ensure it has shelves you can put items on, like your cell phone charging station. And make sure whatever shelves you get are adjustable, in case you get a few extra-large textbooks this semester.

Here’s a fun DIY idea: Buy multi-colored milk crates and stack them on top of each other, with the opening facing out. Lay down cardboard or another material to provide a stable, solid surface and place anything you can fit inside.

Bed Storage

There are a million ways to use your bed for more storage. Start by putting a shelf that goes over the head of your bed to give you a place to put your phone and other odds and ends. You could buy a few under-the-bed storage boxes, but you could also repurpose drawers from an old dresser that can easily slide out when you need something. Don’t forget the sides of your bed frame, where bedside caddies work perfect for additional storage.

Here’s a fun DIY idea: Take some old dresser drawers and paint them whatever color you like most. Add some unique knobs, and install wheels on the bottom of the drawers. They’ll easily roll in and out from under your bed and you’ll have an added decoration to show off.

Desk Storage

Sometimes dorm room desks don’t offer a whole lot of space. For a reasonable price you can add a bookshelf that goes over the top of it, and place baskets on the top to hold even more of your items. Don’t forget about the space underneath your desk, as most of us have laptops and have no need to place a computer tower on the floor. Consider placing small storage cubes underneath – and you can add a pillow to the top so it can double as a footrest for those long study sessions.

Here’s a fun DIY idea: Buy adhesive wall hooks and mini metal buckets with a hook, and hang them on the wall hook. You can put pens, pencils, calculators, notepads and more – and they’re all within easy reach and won’t clutter your desk. Plus, you can decorate the buckets however you want.

Now that you have a place for all of your things, you can settle in and focus on your studies, right? It seems like forever, but before you know it, the year will be over and it will be time to pack it all up. Think A-American Self Storage for your storage needs in and around the St. Louis area and we’ll help you figure out the best way to keep all of your things together in storage!