City Spotlight: 10 Fun Facts About Reno You Never Would’ve Guessed

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Iconic Reno, NV neon sign during the day

Reno, Nevada − known as the biggest little city in the world − is a fascinating town that is often overshadowed by Las Vegas as the premier entertainment and gambling center of the country. Yet there’s so much more to Reno than just the slots!

If you’re making a move to Reno, NV you might be looking to discover what life in your new city will be like, so A-American Self Storage has put together a list of fun facts about the area that you would probably never guess.

  1. Washoe, a chimp raised in Reno, holds the title of the first non-human to communicate through sign language.

She learned 350 different signs, and she even taught her adopted son some of the language. She was raised like a child, had her own living space, and even did chores and had playtime outside much like a regular kid.

  1. The Reno Ice Pavilion once lived in Atlantic City, NJ before all 16,000 square feet of it was dismantled and moved to the big little city.

Now called the Olympic Ice Pavilion, it sits above Lake Tahoe in Squaw Valley. It’s open all year round, based on an environmentally-friendly system that both cools the ice and heats the surrounding pools.

  1. A whopping 23 movies have been filmed in Reno since 1947.

Some big names include The Misfits, Kingpin, Sister Act, and The Muppets. Television is in there too, like Good Luck Charlie, and even music videos by Kanye West and Eddie Money.

  1. The direction you travel to get from LA to Reno is actually west.

Los Angeles may be on the coast of California, but because of the L-shape of the state, it actually lies farther east of Reno. So if you’re heading back to Reno from LA, you’re going west.

  1. The Longest Cat in the World lived in Reno.

Stewie, who was a lengthy 48.5 inches (just over 4 feet) lived in Reno his whole life until he passed away in 2013.

  1. Reno has thousands of earthquakes each year.

No worries! The earthquakes are so small, most of them can’t be felt at all.

  1. Reno 911! Sheriff’s office doesn’t exist.

The city of Reno doesn’t actually have a Sheriff’s office, but its own police department. While the show acts like it takes place in Reno, it was all filmed in LA.

  1. Reno has another world record for the most people playing checkers at one time.

Almost 550 people were playing the game in February 2014. The last record was 346 people playing.

  1. Rattlesnake Mountain Skate Park is one of the biggest skate parks in the west.

Starting to understand why they call it the biggest little city! This 39,000 square foot park is just a 15 minute drive from the heart of Reno.

  1. They have some pretty strange laws residents deal with.

Laws like it being illegal to say a bad word in front of a dead body, or even how they aren’t allowed to change the weather unless they have a state permit. You also can’t lie down on a sidewalk.

For more fun and interesting facts about Reno, check out this awesome list from Movoto. When you’re ready to pack up and head out, check out the self storage units at A-American to make the moving process easy and headache-free! We have units of all sizes and types, so we’re sure to meet your storage needs.