4 Tips to Storing Your Wine Collection

Categories: Self Storage, Storage Tips

Row of wine bottles in straw-filled cratesFrom Southern California all the way up the North Coast, beautiful and plentiful wineries are abound. Even Ridgecrest, CA itself has quite a few to choose from. With all that selection in and around the area, residents’ wine collections can build up fast. But don’t start giving it away just yet. Self storage units near you can help clear out the collection from your home, and safely store it in a secure, temperature controlled unit. A-American has a few tips to help you correctly store your growing collection.

Tip #1: Temperature Control

Wine enthusiasts could argue all day about the proper temperature to store wine. Generally, storing it within 45 degrees and 65 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for ensuring the wine won’t age too quickly. What matters most is that the temperature stays constant, rather than the number of degrees. Self storage in Ridgecrest, CA will maintain proper temperatures in cooler and warmer seasons, which makes it perfect for maintaining integrity and flavor.

Tip #2: Angled Storage

When you get your unit, look into bringing over your current racks at home, or if you can’t, installing some within. There’s a growing theory that storing the wine at an angle so the wine and air bubbles stay in contact with the cork, is actually better for maintaining quality. You can use your current racks or basic ones purchased at the store, and add a corkboard wedge under the front of the rack, so the whole thing tilts.

Tip #3: Creating Humidity

In most cases, self storage units prefer to remain relatively dry places to protect the items stored there, such as furniture and cloth materials. In this case, though, you want a little humidity. When moving your wine collection into the unit, leave a few small buckets of water that will evaporate and help moisten the air.

Tip #4: Moving the Bottles

Wine bottles are fragile, and moving them during hot or cold temperatures can add to the trauma. The best option is to order packing materials specifically for wine, and that can be found at California Glass Co. in Oakland, CA. Take it slow on your drive to the unit, and try to make sure they are in your car nice and snug to prevent bottle shock. Even with these measures, don’t open any of the bottles within 7 days, so they have time to rest and regain flavor.

Regardless if you’re a casual sipper or a serious collector, a wine collection can be expensive and take years of dedication to really build up. Don’t let all that hard work go to waste when it starts encroaching on your space. A-American Self Storage can help you choose a unit that will fit your collection nearby your Ridgecrest, CA home – so you can easily and quickly get a new bottle next time the perfect occasion pops up.