Turn Your Garage into a Man Cave

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father and son

Los Angeles is known for being cool – even though it’s always hot – and cool L.A. Dads need a space to call their own. They need a place to watch the game, have a drink and admire all the manly knickknacks they’ve collected over the years. For Father’s Day, give your dad his own personal space by putting all those items collecting dust in the garage into an A-American Self Storage unit, and converting the garage into a man cave.

Tips for Transforming Dad’s Garage into a Man Cave

  1. Come up with a plan. Before you move all of his tools into self storage and misplace his items, come up with a game plan. Will he need a dedicated corner for his tools, or does he hardly use the garage at all? You’ll need to decide how much space to dedicate to his man cave and go from there. In addition, keep weather in mind. It gets quite hot in Los Angeles, CA during the summer, so you may need to think about installing air conditioning for the space.
  1. Start from the ground up. Garages don’t always have the most appealing floors, so consider sealing and refinishing the concrete slab. You can also paint it to match the color of your dad’s favorite sports team. Installing large rugs and plush carpet tiles provide extra support for dads who enjoy standing and playing darts or pool for hours.
  1. Insulate the walls. Check and see if the garage walls have insulation. You’ll want to trap the cool air inside the man cave during the summer. Though Los Angeles, CA doesn’t get too cold in the winter, installing an extra layer of insulation in the garage will keep the heat inside and keep your dad comfortable all winter long.
  1. Don’t forget about the ceiling. Not all garages have ceilings, so decide whether or not to keep the airy look of the rafters or go for a more closed-in design. If you plan to hang a lamp over the pool table or a ceiling fan to disperse any smoke, install a drywall ceiling, and finish it off with a nice coat of paint.
  1. Create the ultimate theme. Once you’ve moved all the unimportant stuff into Los Angeles self storage and installed the necessary elements, it’s time to create the theme. Think about what your dad enjoys the most. If he loves professional football, decorate his man cave with NFL memorabilia and themed furniture. Your dad may keep some of his favorite things in storage. If so, switch those items out with the less used items that tend to do nothing but collect dust in the garage.

When a tie doesn’t seem like enough, surprise your dad with a man cave for Father’s Day. With a little work and help from A-American Self Storage units, you’ll give your dad a gift that keeps on giving for years.