How Storage Can Help Interior Designers

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Supplies for an interior designer

Santa Barbara, CA is home to some of the top interior designers in the country. Whether it’s designing for commercial interiors or residential spaces, they have a lot to think about and even more to do, such as coming up with new floor plans and placing furniture orders. If you’re a seasoned designer or just starting out, you can benefit from using A-American Self Storage units for your interior design business.

Self Storage for Interior Designers

Most interior designers who are new to the industry operate their businesses from home. Once they’ve selected materials and ordered furniture for the job, they need a place to store and show off items to their clients. Unfortunately, these items can quickly turn into a cluttered, distracting mess in the designers’ homes.

With self storage, designers have a dedicated place to store their clients’ orders. They can also use the storage space as a showroom for pieces and give the clients an idea of what the furniture may look like in their own homes. Some self storage units have so much space that they resemble a house, giving the designers plenty of room to arrange furniture and create mock-ups of the actual design.

Using Self Storage for Redesigning Your Home

Interior designers aren’t the only ones who benefit from using storage units. If you’re redesigning your home, you can always use extra space to store your furniture and other belongings while prepping for the redesign. Storage units come in many different sizes to accommodate items of all types. You can select the appropriate square footage and store your old furniture for a yard sale, or your new furniture until you’re ready to move it into your home.

Storage units in Santa Barbara, CA come in handy for designers that do most of the work on their own. It gives them a place to store every client order without keeping it in their living rooms. Storage units also give homeowners a way to keep their used furniture and belongings safe and secure while moving new items into their homes. Contact a nearby storage facility when you’re thinking of a redesign, and find an affordable option that works for you!