Is Retiring in Honolulu for You?

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A beach in Hawaii

With its tropical climate and tax benefits, Honolulu, HI is a great place for retirement. However, living on this island paradise isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, and can cost you an arm and a leg if you’re not fully prepared. Retiring in Honolulu has its pros and cons, and can either make you feel at home or completely out of your element. After weighing the pros and cons, learn how A-American Self Storage can assist you in making the transition a little easier.

The Pros of Retiring in Hawaii

Plenty of warm temperatures and a slower pace of life await you in Honolulu, HI. With beaches as far as the eye can see, this island  inspires creativity at every turn. Some of the pros of retiring on the islands include:

  • An abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy
  • Saying goodbye to cold weather for good
  • A more relaxed way of life
  • Senior discounts on island activities
  • Spending the days on pristine golf courses
  • Enjoying year-round gardening in the sun

If you’re looking for a slower pace of life, ample activities and senior discounts wherever you go, you’ll spend your retirement years happily in Honolulu.

The Cons of Retiring in Hawaii

Hawaii offers so much for those who want to live out their days in paradise; however, some retirees may not adjust as well to island life. Some of the cons of retiring in Hawaii include:

  • Spending hundreds of dollars if you travel back to the mainland
  • Dealing with geckos crawling on the walls
  • Feeling out of place among local Hawaiian residents
  • Adjusting to a different culture
  • Fewer shopping options compared to the mainland

If you find it hard to get along with people from different cultures, you may not do so well in Hawaii. However, the people from Hawaii are quite friendly and welcome their mainland counterparts.

Using Storage to Ease Your Transition

Whether you’re staying in Hawaii for good or have decided that it’s just not for you, you’ll need to make the necessary arrangements for your belongings. With self storage, you can keep your belongings safe in Honolulu storage units until you’ve moved into your new place. Rather than unpacking all at once after a long journey – both literally and figuratively – you can ease into blissful retirement by slowly unpacking, and keeping your new home organized and clutter-free. As another option, self storage can help new retirees settle into a downsized way of life. Storing seasonal items or family memorabilia in a secure storage unit helps to keep a smaller home organized so you can enjoy all your leisure activities peacefully.

Using A-American Self Storage is a smart way to store your belongings until you’ve had the time to test your move and see whether or not Honolulu is the place for you. Even if it seems like an island paradise, it’s still making an adjustment. Store larger items that are harder to move on the mainland, and wait to settle in before your decide to permanently relocate. Find affordable storage units near you, and get ready for some earned relaxation.