City Spotlight: Palmdale, CA

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Los Angeles CountyThe city of Palmdale holds a special place in Antelope Valley as one of Los Angeles County’s fastest growing areas. From thriving community gardens and exciting family venues to affordable self storage for Palmdale, CA businesses, this wonderful location extends a warm welcome wrapped in plenty of sunshine. Come visit, settle in with the family, or set up shop. Enjoy California living at its best.

Focus on Fun and Family Living

Family life in Palmdale revolves around fun, so grab a glove, and head for the West Softball Complex, or pull on your boots for a ride along Barrel Springs Trail. Leave room on your outdoor agenda for fishing, skating and biking in the city’s beautiful parks. Local museums celebrate authentic cowboys, illuminate prehistoric petroglyphs and honor the area’s rich aeronautical history. Join neighbors exploring the latest Antelope Valley Gallery exhibitions, and bring your day to a grand finale with a show at the Performing Arts Theatre.

Grow With Exciting Opportunities

If you traveled by stagecoach between New Orleans and San Francisco, you couldn’t know that Palmdale was destined to be much more than an 1800s stop-over. Today, the Aerospace Capital of America serves as home to Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and a professional community rich with high-tech talent. The area’s aerospace industry supports an exciting range of innovative manufacturing, research, medical and service industries. Business is good in Palmdale, and you have an open invitation to join its growth.

Expand Your California Horizons

Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or opening new doors downtown, Palmdale offers unlimited options for raising a family and running a company. This is a city that believes in real community involvement and solid business development. You’ll find plenty of room to expand all your horizons, so pick a spot, and set down strong roots. An affordable housing market, strong economy and convenient A-American Self Storage throughout Palmdale, CA make this slice of California life one of the most attractive locations in Los Angeles County.

Imagine the serene San Gabriel Mountains as your backdrop for setting up house and starting a family. Consider the advantages of Los Angeles located just 60 miles southeast of your newly established business. You can have it all here in Palmdale with a future that makes good on its promises. Spend a little time in this unique California locale, and discover all the reasons that make it your perfect place to call home.