How St. Louis Is the Next Big Tech Town

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Man sitting on floor with laptop in lapFinancial and corporate leaders marvel at the high-tech flood rushing through Gateway Arch. Software developers and system designers are taking over offices downtown, including the old Lammert Furniture Store. These days, you don’t have to live in Silicon Valley to pitch the next million-dollar startup. Low overhead, soaring opportunities and affordable business self storage make St. Louis, MO the latest launch pad for entrepreneurial success.

The Newest Tech Frontier

The same city that propelled Lewis and Clark’s westward journey now attracts savvy investors from both coasts. They’re drawn by the area’s growing wealth of local startup expertise, and they’re staying because tech talent runs deep. Enterprise software innovations serve industries ranging from logistics and self storage to agriculture and education. You can’t resist the energy of enthusiastic professionals looking for the next great thing, so why not join them in conquering the Show Me State’s newest frontier?

Flex Your Startup Muscle

Contrast sharpens perception, so be prepared for innovative inspiration when you enter the historic Lammert building that houses T-REX. This high-tech incubator with a prehistoric name is a Washington Avenue magnet for cutting-edge talent in all the latest fields. The location serves as an important hub for dozens of downtown companies, but you’ll find plenty of office space throughout the business district. Local investment firms are excited about the city’s newest tech ventures, so be prepared to show off your plans and flex your startup muscle.

Yet it’s not just the private sector that’s encouraging growth. St. Louis has the Arch Grant, a contest of sorts where emerging tech start-ups enter their idea, and the winner gets a $50,000 business grant.

Dig In and Build Success

Startup success depends on holding down overhead costs and impressing potential backers. Keep the commercial landscape affordable by minimizing your initial investment in expensive retail floor space. Nearby A-American Self Storage units are a flexible alternative to expanding before you’re ready, and they’re an ideal staging location for equipment and workstations as your operations grow. You’re in charge of the startup levers, so dig in with the kind of financial savvy that attracts capital and builds business success.

The world can be your oyster even on the banks of the Mississippi River. Why move 1600 miles west to stake a claim on the next big win in the tech revolution? Establish permanent roots right here in Missouri’s emerging tech ecosystem. Set up your startup shop with a plan that includes affordable St. Louis, MO self storage units for an economical launch into your very profitable future.