The Bidding Wars of Reno, Nevada

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Black and white of Reno NV sign

When you bet on the cards in Las Vegas, you win or lose. It’s a simple formula, and rumor has it that odds favor the house. Are you looking for excitement with a different edge? It’s time to try your luck at an A-American Self Storage auction in Reno, NV where winning big can really pay off. Cash in those chips, and head north for some real action.

How Do Storage Auctions Work?

Abandoned contents are auctioned off every day, but the process only kicks in as a last resort. Thousands of units go unclaimed, so facilities use these sales as a way to recoup their losses. When you arrive, you might be asked to register, and some locations require a refundable deposit. All bidders get a quick peek inside the unit, but you’re not allowed to cross the threshold or examine contents. Professional auctioneers run the show, so expect fast-paced bidding and quick closeouts.

Can You Get Rich Quick?

One man’s forgotten stuff can turn into your treasure. People who move belongings to self storage in a hurry don’t always realize the value of things they’ve stuffed into boxes. An abandoned unit might belong to someone who hoarded rare coins and didn’t trust a bank’s safe deposit box. When you place a bid, you could win anything from vintage clothes to computer equipment. Keep expectations realistic with an eye to reselling. Professional bidders make their money by flipping contents, but you might score a plasma TV for pennies on the dollar.

Are There Insider Tips?

It’s impossible to know what hides behind those doors, but you can improve your chances for a win by getting used to the bidding process. Most sales are finalized in just a few minutes, so don’t hesitate. If you’re interested in turning storage auctions into more than a hobby, work out budget strategies with the understanding that this is a cash-only business. Most facilities around Reno post sale dates on their websites, so stay on top of their schedules, arrive early, and get to know your competition.

Will that Reno storage unit reveal a forgotten Lamborghini or a stash of toys for the kids? It’s as much about the fun as the score at Reno, NV storage auctions, and you don’t need beginner’s luck to sweep a sale. Every door opens on a potential jackpot, so head on up to the Biggest Little City in the World, and place your bid to win.