Discover Secret Storage in Your Home

Categories: Self Storage, Storage Tips

hanging kitchen utensilsWe often use a storage unit as a means to de-clutter our homes without having to sell of any of our favorite things. It’s great for storing large items like old appliances or bulky furniture, but when it comes to the small stuff, sometimes we want it closer at hand than a drive down the street. Discover secret ways to store items right in your home, without making more clutter!

Make more room on your walls: The great thing about floating shelves is you don’t have to designate floor space for a big shelf, and they also add a touch of décor. Repurpose or purchase decorative boxes, and place those on the shelves. Now you have boxes and boxes of additional storage for small items.

Use wasted space: Under couches, beds, dressers and other large pieces of furniture exists a huge amount of wasted space. Find decorative baskets and place them underneath these pieces to make the most use of the space without having all of your items hanging out to trip people.

Shelves are for more than walls: How many doors do you have in your home? Install basket shelving to store your lightweight items without the risk of it falling off. There are a ton of different kinds, from stick-on baskets to over-the-door hanging baskets.

Get creative with everyday items: Did you know that stairs are hollow inside? Consider installing stair drawers to add a ton of additional self storage. Trade out existing furniture with items that have storage capacity, like ottomans and chests. Even your unused mugs and jars can double as a way to organize small items.

Finding secret storage in your home is a great way to reduce clutter and get organized, without having to throw away your stuff. When it comes to large items, though, it’s best to get them out of the house and into storage units at A-American. We’ll even provide a free truck to help you get it here! Create space in your home today.