Making Room for Family with Temporary Storage

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multi-generation family on couchThere is nothing more constant or predictable than having big life changes. We all experience them at some point in our lives, and whatever it is usually takes a big adjustment. Whether it’s a new baby, an unexpected long-term guest, or a friend in need – sometimes we have to open our doors and make room for others in our homes. Below are just a few situations where a small storage unit can help really help ease the transition.

New Baby

No matter how well we plan things, sometimes it just doesn’t work out according to our timetable. You now know that baby is on the way, but you don’t know what you’re going to do with all the furniture that currently lives in their future room. Don’t start selling off the items if you don’t have to. Temporary storage at A-American is there for these types of situations. You can rent from a myriad of unit sizes that fit your needs perfectly – so you can concentrate on all the best parts of bringing a new life into the world.

Family Comes Knocking

It’s a tough market out there, and jobs aren’t always easy to find. Maybe you have a kid who just got out of college and hasn’t found their feet. Yet tough times don’t just effect the young; a parent or older loved one could need a helping hand to get through a layoff or loss of their partner. Either way, it’s time to clear out a room and make some space. Don’t think about throwing it in the basement or attic. A-American has climate controlled small storage units that will keep your items safe from any critters or water damage that might occur. If you find you need long-term storage, you’re covered there, too.

Friend in Need

Part of being a good friend is being there through thick and thin – and sometimes that means giving your friend a couch to sleep on. But what happens when they need more than just a couch? If they are going through a tough time in their life, the last thing they should have to worry about is where their things are going – and neither should you. Both you and your friend can use a small storage unit during the transition. And thanks to you, they’ll be back on their feet in no time.

Temporary storage is meant exactly for moments like these, the unexpected moments that can make our world seem a lot smaller. By using small storage units at A-American Self Storage, though, you open up the space around you, making the tough transition that much easier.