How-To Tips for Storing Furniture

Categories: Storage Tips

Whether you’re moving across the country or you’re a college student looking for a place to put their things for the summer, furniture storage with A-American Self Storage will make the job easy. To ensure your things stay in the best shape, no matter how long they need to remain in self storage, follow these easy tips to storing furniture.

  1. Clean Your Furniture

Dust off your wood dressers, clean the upholstery on your couches and wipe down any mirrors going in. Not only will that help keep them shining through their stay, but it will also keep them fresh for when you take your pieces back home.

  1. Break it Down

Any furniture that can be taken apart should be prior to storing. By breaking down tables, dressers, chairs, etc. you will save a ton of room in your furniture storage unit, and have the added benefit of not having to move heavy, bulky furniture.

  1. Secure it For Packing

For mirrors, take pieces of duct tape and make an ‘X’ across the mirror to help prevent shattering during the move. Tie down any drawers remaining in wood pieces, and consider covering rough metal edges with foam padding.

  1. Keep it Covered

It’s important to cover furniture in a cotton fabric rather than plastic. Even in climate controlled units, plastic can cause condensation to build, and that is no good for wood or fabric. Cotton covers for your mattress, couches, and wood pieces are easy to find and are reusable.

  1. Storing Basics

When you get all your furniture to the unit, place your heaviest pieces at the bottom on wood pallets. This will keep them raised off the ground to avoid scratches and allow for ventilation. Lay your mattress down on a pallet as well, as leaving it propped up can cause the springs to bend and bust over time. Last, put the bulkiest furniture in the back, and leave a path for you to get in and out of even the farthest part of your self storage unit. This will make removing things easier later on.

Now that you have the furniture storage basics down, it’s time to find a unit! A-American not only has a wide variety of self storage units available, but we even have a free truck you can use to haul your items! Find the best unit for your furniture storage today!