Storing Your Winter Wear

Categories: Storage Tips

The sun is bringing in summer and it’s finally time to shed those winter coats, boots, scarves, hats, gloves….and the other million layers we wear. Flip flops and shorts are back, and you need to make room in your drawers and closets for all your summer gear. But where are you going to put all that bulky stuff? Throwing it in an extra drawer or forgotten closet can invite pests, and result in damage to your clothes. A-American Self Storage can help, with storage units as small as a large closet, or big enough to hold a boat. They’re bug-free and climate controlled to ensure your clothing comes out as nice as it went in. And we’re sharing some tips for prepping your winter clothes for public storage.

Prep it For Self Storage

winter clothing pilesFirst step – wash everything. Even if you have to take it to the cleaners. Stains and body oils that may not be readily visible can appear over time as they sit in self storage. Plus, you’ll help them to keep smelling fresh for next season. Whatever comes back from the dry cleaning needs to be aired out for a while – that way they don’t go into public storage covered in the chemicals. Also, dump some odor eliminator powder into your shoes to keep them from getting smelly.

Pack it Up

Set up your self storage unit with rolling racks and hang items that may get wrinkled easily. Throw a cotton sheet over the rack of clothes to allow air to flow but still protect your clothing. For items that could stretch from being hung too long, wrap them in cotton fabric and place them inside plastic totes to be stacked up. It’s also helpful to pick up some cedar chips or storage accessories to help eliminate odors. They won’t last forever, though, so it will be good to update them a few times over the next 6 months.

By getting your winter clothes out of your home and into self storage, you’re freeing up a lot of wasted space, and ensuring your clothes stay in tip top shape for the next winter season. A-American Self Storage can help you choose the right size unit to fit your needs, at a great price! Find a storage facility near you today!