Common Reasons for Self Storage

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Most people end up needing self storage at one point or another. Some use it to cope with life transitions and other upheavals; others use it to simplify their lives, to organize their homes or even to broaden their horizons by starting their own businesses. 

Why people use it isn’t important; what matters is that it’s there when they need it. Indeed, knowing that you can quickly store everything from small odds and ends to full-size RVs at virtually a moment’s notice – and without spending a small fortune – is a relief, to say the least. After all, you never know when you will need it.

Storage to Cope with the Unexpected

As much as we’d all like our lives to be on a straight, logical trajectory, the truth is that things happen. One minute, everything is hunky-dory; the next, some life event has thrown a big kink in the works. Like a sudden breakup that causes one partner to want to move out as quickly as possible. The idea of leaving belongings behind is upsetting and only prolongs a tough situation, but quickly finding a new place to keep them is unrealistic. In this instance, it’s self storage to the rescue! No matter what life throws your way, you can be sure that a nearby A-American Self Storage facility will happily accommodate you.

The Best-Laid Plans

On the other hand, people often strategically plan to store their things in storage facilities. Many times, it’s done as a way to facilitate spring cleaning or other de-cluttering projects. Other times, it’s done to clear away random stuff in order to engage in home renovations. Interestingly enough, there are even people who use storage units to grow and expand their businesses. Running out of room at home to effectively run a small business is a nice problem to have, to be sure, and one of the best ways to cope with those growing pains is by renting a self storage unit. Whether you simply keep your inventory there or set up shop in the unit entirely, this is another example of the incredible versatility that such storage facilities afford.


Whatever your needs, A-American Self Storage has you covered. Whether it’s last-minute or planned far in advance, we can quickly and easily get you into a unit and out of the mess today. We’ll even give you a free rental truck to get you started!