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Moving with Self Storage

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If you are facing an upcoming move and want to make things as smooth and stress free as possible,you should consider renting a self storage unit. Most of us have been through this before: Arriving at a new place, scrambling to unpack our belongings and ending up with a huge mess. Wouldn’t it be nicer […]

Common Reasons for Self Storage

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Most people end up needing self storage at one point or another. Some use it to cope with life transitions and other upheavals; others use it to simplify their lives, to organize their homes or even to broaden their horizons by starting their own businesses.  Why people use it isn’t important; what matters is that […]

Most self storage facilities require you to provide your own lock for your storage unit. All too often, people treat self storage security as little more than an afterthought. They assume that the facility’s security measures are more than enough to keep their stuff safe, and while they are often right, you can never be […]